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  1. Your comments about Linux are right on the money. Linux advocates appear to be so full of their hatred of Windows that they cannot understand why the everybody does not abandon such a “flawed” OS. Too bad really. If they want Linux to mount a serious challenge to Windows, these people need to do a little marketing research. Linux will gain in popularity when it has functionality like Windows. The ease of doing many tasks certainly is not in Linux. Linux is mostly for geeks who hate MS. I have played with it some. But I find that some tasks like setting up the sound card just plain suck. When it comes down to using a computer, it should be like using a light switch. I am not interested in the infrastructure of how the electric power is generated nor all the details in between the coal mine and my house, although I know them well. I just want to flip the switch and get an expected result.

    I will be bookmarking your Blog. Just learned about it in

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